Animated Arabic letters :


copyright dilap
Animation L.Le Gal
Learning book "Kitaba"- M.Bouddaakkar

"Orphan letters":The following letters are known as "orphan" because they do not link to those which follow (in the direction of the writing). If they are in initial or median position, they cause a "graphic rupture" in the word. So they have only two positions: single and final. The letter which follows is automatically in initial position.

letter alifletter dalletter dhalletter raletter zayletter waw

"Emphatic" consonants and no emphatic equivalent letters: One pronounces them by forming a case of resonance between the tong and the palate.

letter saudletter sinletter daudletter dalletter tauletter taletter dhauletter dhal

The consonants which do not exist in French and for someones in English : click, look at and listen

letter thaletter haletter khaletter dhalletter raletter aynletter qafletter h

The other letters

letter baletter jîmletter shînletter gaynletter faletter kafletter ya

letter lamletter mimletter nun